Music profile

The versatile musician and accomplished instrumentalist, Mihai Sturza, started his musical journey in 2000, when he had the fortune to study sitar and vocal music under Pt. Gopal Pathak. Pt. Gopal Pathak, a master in Sanskrit as well as in sitar, imparted his knowledge of music as well as mythology and philosophy, essential in understanding Indian classical music, deeply rooted in spirituality.
In 2003 he studied further harmonium under the famous violinist and composer Pt. Prabhakar Dhakde in Nagpur, Maharashtra, exponent of Patiala Gharana.
The trip to India inspired and expanded Mihai’s musical horizons and 2004 marks Mihai Sturza’s encounter with a new Indian instrument- bansuri (bamboo flute). He therefore went in Bangalore, Karnataka, to get the finer points of bansuri with Shri Shaktidhar Iyer, a young maestro, disciple of the bansuri and shehnai legend Pt. Rajendra Prasanna, whom he met in Bangalore. Deeply immersed in the ocean of Indian classical music, Mihai Sturza approaches music humbly, taking every opportunity to learn and understand music, considering himself an eternal student of classical music, which stands like an endless ocean before him. He is recognized as one of the accomplished instrumentalists of the younger generation, mastering with equal grace the sitar and the bansuri, playing also tabla and harmonium.
He held hundreds of concerts in Romania and India, as well as in the whole Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, etc ), with the musical group „Sangeet Lahari” (which he founded in 2001, playing vocal and harmonium). In 2003 he released the album „Ananda Lahari”. Since 2010 he had numerous concerts as a solo artist, playing bansuri as well as sitar. He was invited in China in 2014 where he toured 9 cities, playing bansuri.
He toured Romania in 2013 and 2016 with renowned artist Mahua Mukherjee, an exponent of Patiala Gharana, providing bansuri accompaniment.
The scientific training he was exposed to, his own self research which spans over a period of almost 20 years, blended with his dedication and commitment, make him one of the very few Indian classical artists of foreign origin, in the instrumental field (both sitar and bansuri).